Consanguinity: (kŏn'săng-gwĭn'ĭtē) , relationship by blood, whether linear or collateral.

Primarily concentrating on my Browning family from Harrison County, Ohio (and their subsequent move to Crawford County, Illinois) but I've got Plymell, Crago, Eagleton, Garrard, McConnell, Nichols, Swan, Nevitt, Huls, Markee, Depperman, Papstein/Popstein and Hamilton in there too. And that's just the beginning......

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Small update....

I hope to start blogging again soon. There are two reasons why I haven't been lately.

Firstly, there's life. My daughter just signed up to be a United States Marine. I'm so proud of her I could bust! She's got guts and determination and goals, something her poor mom never did have at the age of 17. I've been spending a lot of time with her before she ships to boot camp in the summer. I want to enjoy the times I have with the teen she is before I meet the young woman who will come back to me after her graduation. No matter where she goes from here, she'll have learned some mighty important lessons about life.

Oh -- I've met another first cousin of mine, a son my mom's brother had. His mother put him up for adoption after my uncle left her to resume his tours of 'Nam in the 1960's. He's a really great guy and I look forward to getting to know him. I'm so happy to know yet another close relative. Life is great about that -- letting good come out of bad.

Secondly, I've been doing some housecleaning, genealogicially-speaking. It means putting my blog on the back burner for the moment. Why, you ask? Because when I'm cleaning up my folder of "To-Do Genealogy Files" (which includes dozens of death certificates, old pictures, deeds, wills, and you-name-its) the last thing in the world I need to do is get distracted. I'm like the dogs in the movie "Up." You know the ones....


Now where was I again?

Well, you see what I mean. So until I get my to-do's all done, I'll be letting my little bloggy slide.