Consanguinity: (kŏn'săng-gwĭn'ĭtē) , relationship by blood, whether linear or collateral.

Primarily concentrating on my Browning family from Harrison County, Ohio (and their subsequent move to Crawford County, Illinois) but I've got Plymell, Crago, Eagleton, Garrard, McConnell, Nichols, Swan, Nevitt, Huls, Markee, Depperman, Papstein/Popstein and Hamilton in there too. And that's just the beginning......

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - How Many Ancestors Did You "Meet"?

Randy Seaver's Funtime was too much to resist this week. So here are his directions and my answers follow!

1) Write down which of your ancestors that you have met in person (yes, even if you were too young to remember them).

2) Tell us their names, where they lived, and their relationship to you in a blog post, or in comments to this post, or in comments on Facebook.

Here is my list:

* My mother.

* My father.

* Franklin Louis Depperman (1918-2004), my mother's father, who resided in Peotone IL his whole life.

* Clementine Mae (Hamilton) Depperman Bernier (1922-2002), my mother's mother. Resided in Watseka IL and Kankakee IL.

* Minna Anna Louise (Papstein) Depperman (1888-1985), my great-grandmother (mother of Franklin, my mother's grandmother), who resided in Germany until she went to Peotone, IL in 1889.

* Beulah Ethel (Garrard) Browning (1900-2002), my grandmother (mother of my father). She was born in Crawford Co., IL and lived most of her life there before moving to TX in the mid-1980's.

* Virgil Joseph Browning (1901-1989), my grandfather (father of my father). He was born in Crawford Co., IL and lived most of his life there before moving to TX in the mid-1980's.


Wow, this is a pretty short list. I've only "met" seven of my ancestors. That's a pretty low number -- even less than Randy himself!

Mine is limited for two reasons:

1) my father's parents were both nearly forty before they had my dad. My dad's mother's parents were also nearly forty so my great-grandparents on that side died by the 1940's, at least twenty years before I was born.

2) My mother's parents divorced when she was 6 months old and her mother disappeared. I was lucky to even be able to list her since we only met once, when I was about eight years old. I certainly never met any of her family.

This has been fun. Thanks again, Randy!

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